How to save money?

This saving has to do with priority. Look, if your child’s life depended on a vaccine that costs $ 500,000 pesos and you cannot borrow from your neighbor or family member. If you only had 30 days to raise the $ 500,000, do you think you could do it? Of course they could.

Saving became a super priority

Saving became a super priority

Moreover, there would be no one to stop him to raise that $ 500 thousand pesos. Why? Because saving became a super priority.

Saving has nothing to do with your income and everything to do with the importance of doing so. Saving is one of the biggest solutions for financial problems.

If you had saved up for that craving that drowned you in payments, you could be enjoying the little thing instead of living in crisis.

I want to talk about reasons why we have to save


First we have to save for emergencies because life kicks and needs a financial cushion to protect itself. You very well know that if something can go wrong, it will most likely happen.

But if you have money saved, emergencies become inconveniences. Number 2 needs to save for cash purchases.

When you buy with cash it hurts and you do not spend too much because when you deliver that ticket it is as if your arm was amputated, little by little?

Finally we need to save for retirement

Finally we need to save for retirement

Finally we need to save for retirement. But Andres, I’m going to depend on the government and my children in my old age. Really? Are we talking about your children who still have them in the house? Please!

You have to plan because if you are not going to end up looking for the book on how to prepare dog food and that you like. The savings have to be part of your financial plan.

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